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Evergreen Pest and Termite’s weed control service provides regular treatment for weeds around your yard and home. In Arizona noxious weeds can quickly overtake landscaping, gravel and pathway areas overnight. BY allowing our certified technicians to help control this problem we will provide you with the assurance your homes beauty will always be on display. This high quality Evergreen service will be performed by our trained technicians who will treat covered areas with a pre-emergent (product to help control weeds before they sprout) with a 6 month residual, as well as burn (spray to kill) any existing weeds less than 6 inches tall. In addition, our Evergreen guarantee allows you to have the confidence to know that at anytime within the 6 month residual period you can call us back for a re-treatment. Each Evergreen Pest and Termite Weed Technician has been trained and certified to provide the high quality Evergreen services you have come to expect. Call now to set up your weed control service.

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