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Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

Evergreen Pest & Termite’s pest program focuses on getting ahead and staying ahead of bugs. We get ahead by interrupting the pest’s reproductive cycle to eliminate pests. Competitors and people trying to exterminate on their own, will try to perform a simple contact kill and end up chasing bugs for years.

For the initial service on your home, we provide a full household intensive treatment. This ensures treatment reaches every area in your house. In addition, the treatment provides the needed flush to eliminate the pest population.

After our home intensive pest service in Arizona, we will perform a follow up service approximately 30 days later. This will ensure the treatment disrupted the bug lifecycle. This first regular scheduled service is to provide the knock down treatment, which ensures any adolescent bugs don’t have the chance to reproduce.

With the initial and regular scheduled service performed on the home, we will be able to get ahead and stay ahead of the unwanted pest population. Once we have disrupted the lifecycle of these pests, we will continue to put up the needed barriers. Through regularly scheduled pest services in Arizona, we will prevent these pests from getting in or around your home. Our safe and high quality products will provide the lasting residual barrier needed to ensure your family is protected.

Evergreen’s pest control service plans are included in the Evergreen Pest & Termite Service Guarantee. If you do experience any pest activity in between your regular scheduled services, we will have one of our technicians return to the home at no additional cost.

We offer various pest services in Arizona to fit your needs and budget. You can expect quality protection for what matters most. Call now to schedule your initial home pest service with Evergreen Pest & Termite.

One Time, Specialized Services

All of Evergreen Pest & Termite’s specialized services are provided with a 10% discount to any current customer who participates in our pest control service plan.

Scorpion SealScorpion Home Seal

In certain cases, scorpions can infest homes to alarming degrees. A scorpion home seal and regular scheduled pest services can drastically reduce or eliminate these poisonous and dangerous pests.

Our complete pest services in Arizona include the sealing of all openings at the side and base of the home, the center blocks, or overlap gaps in the retaining wall. This will eliminate the habitat of any pests, including scorpions.

Other areas that receive inspection and seals includes:

  • Electrical outlets
  • Garage
  • Pipes under kitchen and bathrooms

Additionally, the service includes the option of screening all accessible vents and fans on the interior of the home. This will help with any unseen openings. We remove any gaps in your home structure to help prevent any pests from entering the interior of your home.

Our pest services in Arizona do not guarantee the complete eradication of pests. However, it will help in extreme situations.

Evergreen Pest & Termite provides packages to fit all price ranges. Our service will protect your home from scorpions and other pests that may enter through these open cracks and crevices. By sealing these openings, we can reduce exposure, which prevents pests to enter your home.

Evergreen Pest & Termite has options for all home sizes and all budgets, so call today for a free estimate.

Black LightBlack Light Scorpion Service

Scorpions are an extremely difficult pest to prevent. Live capture and removal of scorpions can be an effective method of prevention. Evergreen Pest & Termite can provide these specialized pest services in Arizona.

A trained and licensed Evergreen technician will come out to the home at night and canvas the entire property. During this procedure, they will kill and remove any scorpions they find.

This service also includes a free full flush of the retaining wall and other areas needed.

Bee ServiceBee hive

Bee service can be necessary when bees are causing a threat or hazard to you and your family. If bees are swarming or if there is a nest in your vicinity, Evergreen Pest & Termite can provide this critical service to exterminate these insects.

These pest services in Arizona are provided with a guarantee in the event these insects return. Call now to discuss the details of the situation and for a free estimate.

earwig up closeTermite Service

Termite infestation is a very serious problem in the southwest. It is important to have your home inspected on a regular basis to ensure your home is safe from termites. We recommend you have one of our termite specialists inspect your home at least once a year.

We have many treatment methods and warranty-only options that can meet your needs.

Visit our Termite page and request a free estimate for pest services in Arizona.

Bed bugOne-Time Bed Bug Heat Treatment

From a global society to various other factors, bed bugs are increasingly more difficult to keep under control. Not to mention, the recent studies that show certain liquid chemical treatments have even been linked to the spread of bed bugs.

As a result, it’s always best to have a bed bug heat treatment specialist provide you with safe, proven treatment methods that fit your needs. We can completely eradicate bed bugs in about 24 hours of treatment time.

Visit our Bed Bug page and to request a free estimate or other pest services in Arizona.

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