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There are many different types of spiders, ranging from large to small and docile to dangerous. Here in Arizona, we deal with some of the tougher species of spiders in North America. This includes the black widow and the brown recluse.

Although many consider these dangerous spiders to be very scary, their bites are rarely fatal. They are often not aggressive unless provoked. However, if bitten, you may require medical attention. If you’re bitten by a black widow, consult with a physician.

It is important to keep the habitat and food source under control to limit these pests as a potential threat to you and your family. If you have a spider problem, contact us for spider treatment in Arizona.

Appearance and Life Cycle

Females are usually ½ inch in length. They are shiny in color, and have distinct red, hourglass-shaped marks on the undersides of their abdomens.

Unlike the myth, females are usually unsuccessful in eating the male after mating. Each female will lay between 300–400 eggs. The spider will lay her eggs in a silky cocoon. After 10 days, the eggs will hatch.


To remove unwanted spiders, it’s crucial to treat where these spiders like to hide. Our spider treatment in Arizona uses techniques to ensure these pests encounter the exterminating product. Cracks and crevices are particularly susceptible to these pests; examples include the weep seals of the house or cracks in the retaining wall. Spiders also hide near air conditioning units.

At Evergreen Pest & Termite, we ensure our technicians remove the nesting points of these spiders by de-webbing the home. In addition, we perform a flush when we notice these sites. This process will ensure these spiders are neutralized.

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