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Typically, the cockroach is one of the more repulsive pests to the public. Not to mention, this insect is one of the most adaptable bugs out there. There are many types of roaches; some like cool wet areas, and others like hot dry areas. In any case, most cockroaches in Arizona prefer cracks and crevices.

These pests can be found in even the cleanest of environments, where they feed on almost anything. They’re most active at night. In addition, some of these pests produce odorous secretions creating an unpleasant smell when populations are high.

Although they are not social insects, they are often found in groups while resting, riding, hiding, or feeding.

Appearance and Life Cycle

Cockroaches are usually 5/8 to 1 ½ inch in length, wide and oval-shaped, and have flat bodies. Some species can fly and they vary in color from brown, reddish, or black.

These pests are omnivorous. Nevertheless, they will eat almost anything. Here are a few things cockroaches in Arizona are known to eat:

  • Starch foodstuffs
  • Meat
  • Sweets
  • Grease
  • Cheese
  • Beer
  • Paper products
  • Plants
  • Leather

On average, each female will lay 30–100 eggs that will hatch in 6–20 days. Not only are cockroaches nuisance bugs, but these insects have been shown to cause asthma.


Depending on the type of roach identified, an Evergreen Pest & Termite technician will service needed areas where roaches can be most prevalent. These areas include water boxes, weep seals, and inside the home, if necessary.

With long-lasting residual products and guaranteed service control, Evergreen Pest & Termite will provide the crucial tools to treat for cockroaches in Arizona.

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