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Looking for Guaranteed Pest Protection in Arizona? Count on Evergreen Pest & Termite!


Pest Service Guarantee

At Evergreen Pest & Termite, we take pride in our service. If you experience pest activity in between your regular scheduled services, we will treat effected areas at no additional cost.

Evergreen Pest & Termite in Arizona works very hard to provide a high quality service. Still, understand pests may return to your home or property due to uncontrollable causes.

Bee Service Guarantee

After our one-time specialized bee service, Evergreen Pest & Termite will return within 30 days of the service date to treat for any similar bee activity at no additional cost.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Service Guarantee

After our bed bug heat treatment service, Evergreen Pest & Termite will provide a bed bug-free guarantee. From then on, if bed bugs come back, we will provide further services at no additional cost.

Termite Guarantee

Upon completion of any full home termite treatment, Evergreen Pest & Termite offers an automatic one-year termite warranty. One of our licensed termite specialists can help you purchase extension warranties at the time of service setup or after visual inspection.


Warranties from Evergreen Pest & Termite can be extended for as long as you own your home.

Scorpion Home Seal Warranty

Evergreen Pest & Termite provides a one-year standard warranty for normal wear and tear on any work provided at no additional cost. Additional warranties can be purchased at the time of service setup or after visual inspection by one of our scorpion home seal inspectors.

Termite Warranty

At Evergreen Pest & Termite, we have warranty-only options that you can purchase after an inspector determines you’re clear of termites. This is a great option to extend your current warranty with us. The warranty will provide your home with added protection for when the termites come.

These warranty-only options can be renewed yearly, or multi-year warranties can be purchased at any time after visual inspection.

Evergreen Pest & Termite automatically provides a one-year warranty for any full home termite treatments from the date of service. If termites reappear or new termites arrive, Evergreen Pest & Termite will re-treat needed areas after visual inspection from one of our licensed termite specialists.

Arizona termite warranties can vary based on the length of the warranty and the type of work performed. No matter what your termite problems are, Evergreen Pest & Termite in Arizona has a warranty to meet your needs. Call now to have a certified Evergreen Pest & Termite specialist come to your home to provide an inspection.

Bed Bug Warranties

Evergreen Pest & Termite offers 30–90 day, year-to-year, or multi-year warranties. Coverage is available for all bed bug heat treatment work. Please consult with one of our bed bug specialists for a list of all other warranty options during time of initial setup.

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